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Site Overview

Within this site you will find information about who we are, our services, with some examples of how they may address the needs of particular organisational functions. The high-level pages include:

Harrison International enables people, teams and organisations to embrace change with power and purpose.

You will find useful support and resources on this website if you are a:

  • Leader wanting to set yourself and your team up for success
  • Talented person wanting to take charge of your career, stand out from the crowd by improving your performance or navigate a significant change
  • Director of programmes of work (e.g. Programme Director, Project Manager, CFO, CIO) wanting to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to stakeholder expectations
  • Change Manager needing support with helping leaders and teams embrace change
  • Senior HR Leader needing support with developing organisational capabilities in project and programme management, change and leadership

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Being a Leader can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. With the rewards of more responsibility, power, influence and status comes the challenges of setting direction and expectations for your team, finding and keeping the right people, engaging and developing your team, managing limited resources to deliver results that meet your stakeholders’ expectations and doing all this in contexts that keep changing! Being a Leader requires you to make sense of ambiguous situations, make tough decisions, take courageous action and communicate complex information in a way that a wide range of people can understand. Although Leaders are surrounded by people all day, they often become lonely as they cannot fully confide in their direct reports and peers. Successful leaders know that they need support from others, whether it is developing a peer coaching relationship with another Leader they can trust, developing a relationship with a Mentor they can use as a sounding board, working with one of our Leadership Coaches to develop their leadership capability, partnering with a Team Coach to develop their team or partnering with a Group Facilitator to help their team make team based decisions.

Leaders value our:

  • Leadership Coaching for helping them make sense of their current challenges and develop the capability to move themselves, their teams and their organisations forward
  • Team Coaching for helping them develop high performing teams, make the most of having diverse teams, prepare their teams for change or refocusing their team after change
  • Group Facilitation for helping their teams achieve goals such as developing strategic and operational plans, making tough team-based decisions, generating creative solutions to problems, resolving team conflicts or improving team culture
  • Leadership and Team Development programmes that combine Learning Solutions, Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching and other services depending on the desired outcomes

Talented People

Appreciate the Fog: Embrace change with power and purpose book

Follow this link to check out Stephen's book, Appreciate the Fog, which addresses how we can maintain our personal power and thrive when faced with ambiguity and change.

In ancient days, talents (weights of gold or silver) were used as legal tender. Today we refer to ‘talent’ as the value a person brings to a situation. Do you know what value you bring to the world and how to maximise your value? If you are not sure about all this, you are not alone. Many people struggle with figuring out where and how they are best to apply themselves and they allow their career to be shaped by opportunities that knock on their door rather than seeking out opportunities that are most aligned with what is right for them.

Talented people value our:

  • Personal leadership development programmes for helping them develop the capabilities they need to take ownership of their career and performance
  • Leadership Coaching for helping them find more meaning in their work, identifying which direction to direct their careers into, transitioning effectively into more senior or more complex roles, improving their performance so that they can stand out from the crowd, preparing for significant change or refocusing after a significant change
  • Group Coaching for learning through experimentation, discovery and drawing out the collective wisdom of the cohort. It is particularly strong at supporting the development of interpersonal skills, personal power and presence.

Directors of Programmes of Work

Thriving in business requires you to consistently do the right thing at the right time in the right manner. Effectively initiating and executing projects requires an all-embracing approach to ensure the the successful integration of systems, processes, tools and product knowledge, team cohesion and team development. When you engage Harrison International, you gain access to the experience of our Project Management Consultants in applying established standards and practices to your business in a manner that considers your particular needs.

Directors of Programmes of Work value our Project Management Consultants for helping them with:

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Change Managers

We live in an age of unprecedented change with most industries impacted by digitisation, globalisation, changing demographics and increased regulation. Most organisations have significant change agendas, yet research indicates that a large proportion of change programmes fail to deliver the benefits intended due to insufficient change management. Having you, as Change Manager, on-board to manage change projects go a long way to improve change outcomes, but we know how busy your schedule can become. Harrison International Change Consultants partners with Change Managers to help:

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Senior HR Leaders

We live in an age of unprecedented change with most industries impacted by digitisation, globalisation, changing demographics and increased regulation. Our people and customers are becoming more diverse, our trading environments are becoming more competitive, how we work and what we work on is continuously changing and recruiting, engaging, developing and retaining talent is more challenging.

Senior HR Leaders value us providing help to:

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